IP Support Unit

About Us

Gazi University has shown the importance given for scientific studies by establishing "IP Support Unit" and also has broken ground in this issue as keeping on innovation in every field.

As it is broken ground in this issue, by support of Turkish Patent Institute (TPI) a protocol to establish an "IP Support Unit" was prepared together with the TPI.

This protocol was signed on 07/05/2007 and come into force afterwards.

♦ Our Aim
We aim to inform academic staff and students about intellectual property rights and protection of these rights and provide technology flow which is protected by these rights.

♦ Our Mission
Our mission, in accordance with the targets and principles of our university, is to increase the awareness of necessity for protection of academic works by intellectual property rights by giving consultancy services to academic staff and students related to intellectual property rights and protection of these rights and to establish a Technology Transfer Office to provide technology flow by enabling these works to be transferred into industry.

♦ Our Vision
Our vision is to increase the number of patents by increasing the innovative activities of academic staff and students of our university within the context of intellectual property rights and by increasing the studies of the transfer of research results to put into practice.

♦ Our Values
This Unit holds ethical values and privacy principle and is reliable, innovative, creative and investigative.